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You Should agree to the following When Viewing Fantasy Artworks:


  • I do not find paintings or pictures of nude bodies to be offensive.
  • I am at least 18 years of age and am legally able to view adult material in my community.
  • Nudity is not against the law to be viewed on the computer being used to view this site.
  • I shall accept sole responsibility for viewing the images and reading texts contained on this site and shall be responsible for any downloaded materials from this site.
  • I agree to not redistribute any material downloaded from this site and shall take precautions to prevent such material from being made available to minors.
  • I understand all images on this site are fantasies, or fakes, which have been created by computer digital manipulation and the application of computer art, and are not actual, factual, images of reality, regardless of how real they may seem.
  • I understand all images on this site are the property of the artist, who created them.
  • I understand the images are intended as parody, or pure fantasy, and are digital artworks, or "Fakes."
  • I do not find pictures of any specific celebrity, or public personality, to be offensive.
  • I hereby release and hold harmless the providers, owners, and creators of this site from any and all liability.
  • I agree to not act against the providers, owners, and creators of this site in any way.


This site will not display, publish, promote, link to, or provide access to any images, pictures, stories, video clips or any other media portraying child pornography. No actual models, celebrities, public or private individuals, which might otherwise require written disclaimers, permissions, licenses, copyright waivers, or any other government filings of any sort, are used in the creation of these digitally painted fantasy artworks.

All artworks for this site are owned and controlled by it's respective creator.

I agree With the Above Statements and Wish to Enter this Adult Oriented Site.

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