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Ordering Ision Fantasy Artworks


We provide artworks in two media:


1) High-Gloss Photographic Prints -- Size: 11 x 8.5 inch, Borderless.

2) Digital Image Files -- High Resolution images placed on an interactive, DVD.

Giclee' Photographic Prints Of Ision's Artworks

All photographic prints are created using the exceptional Epson Ultra Premium Photo Paper, which are ideal for professional, long-lasting photo prints, suitable for framing or placement in an album. We provide our artwork prints in Glossy finish, on this thickest of papers, to create perfect prints that will last for generations. This paper has been rated by Epson to maintain brilliant colors for over 200 years. Artwork prints are produced using the finest, fade-proof, water-resistant, Epson Brand Professional inks.


Each fantasy artwork print is created to last a lifetime!

(Photographic prints are placed inside crystal-clear, archive-safe, protective covers, and shipped in plain-white, sturdy, photomailers.)




8.5" x 11" Glossy Photographic Prints: $10.00


The resolution of our prints is 6600 x 5100 pixels. These are high-gloss photographs and are created without borders.


(If you wish to increase the shipping safeguards, above the protective sleeve and photomailer, we can place your artworks inside notebook style binders, and box your shipment. This option allows you to overcome shipping hazards related to your specific location, such as exposure to weather elements, or the chance your Mail Service likes to mangle your mail, as they bend & stuff everything into your mailbox. This service for 20 printed artworks, or less, is $10.00 USD. Orders of more than 20 printed artworks qualify for this service at no charge.)


If Your Print Is Not Perfect, We Will Replace It.

All of our Giclee' prints are approved by the artist prior to shipment. Should your print reflect any manufacture defect, or blemish, we will happily replace it free of charge to you. However, we are not liable for damages caused to your shipment by USPS handling.

We offer Postal Insurance. If you require this safeguard, you may have you shipment insured by USPS.



Custom Made Ision DVD's

Artworks are available in various, uncompressed, digital-image, file formats, placed on a personalized DVD. The DVD is interactive, and shall automatically load, displaying your artworks in a gallery, when inserted into your computer. This method includes the full-sized, actual, artwork, which allows one to print their own images, or to send to their favorite art production studio for custom work.

(The default digital file format is: .jpeg. However, you also request the following format: .png. If you need your artworks provided in any other format, just let us know. We shall create a folder on the disc containing all of your purchased art in your specified format.)


Artworks On DVD: $5.00 ea.



How To Order Artworks


When making an order, care should be taken to specify the exact artworks you wish to own. Plus, be sure to tell us if your order shall be provided to you as photographic prints, as image files on a DVD, or a combination of both.



Artwork Identification

There are two ways to identify an artwork. The easiest way is to use an artwork's Index Number, which is found in Ision's Main Gallery, and located directly above the fantasy artwork on its image page. The second way to identify an artwork is to use its complete celebrity name and title.


Example For Ordering Artwork Using Index Numbers:

"I would like the following artworks, as prints: 2, 34, 321, 410, and 549."

Example For Ordering An Artwork Using Title:

"Please send a DVD of 'Sarah Michelle Gellar - Nocturnal', and her fantasy, 'The Other Woman. .Jpeg format is fine."



Shipping & Handling


Our charge for shipping and handling, via USPS First Class Post, to all United States locations, is just:


This fee applies regardless of the number of artworks included in a shipment. We automatically box orders involving greater than 20 artworks and the artworks are placed in binders for protection.

(The shipping address must be located within the United States.)



International Shipping


We ship Ision's Fantasy Artworks Worldwide!

The fee for shipment outside the United States, shall only be the actual cost, which is charged us by the USPS.

( Any special handling required for any shipment shall also be provided at its actual cost.)


Those outside the United States should always contact us via our email link to make certain of all purchase details and costs, prior to making any payment.


Email us to obtain shipping quotes.




Payment Options

Ision accepts Cash, Bank Checks, and Money Orders, drawn against U.S. sources. All payments must be made in U.S.D.


Paying With Cash ($), Checks & Money Orders


Make Your Order Payable To:

Jeff Yarber


Mail Cash ($), Checks & Money Orders To:


5146 La Mancha Court

Orlando, FL 32822



If you wish to use an Internet payment service, please email us and request information. We shall invoice you for your purchase, once your order is arranged to your satisfaction. We cannot offer these payment services on this web site, due to our nude content. However, such services are available and coordinated via email.







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